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The role of the Education Standards Board (the ‘Board’) is to provide regulation of the provision of education and care services in South Australia, ensuring quality education services and maintaining high standards of competence and conduct by providers.

The Board is responsible for approving early childhood services and registering schools. The Board is responsible for issuing approvals and waivers to service providers and certificates to service supervisors.


The Education Standards Board has appointed Ms Christine Chatburn to the role of Registrar of the Board.
Following a review of the operations of the Board directed by the Minister for Education and Child Development, this newly created position replaces the previous three separate registrar positions for Government Schools, Non-Government Schools and Early Childhood Services. Combining the registrar positions into a single senior executive position reflects the maturity of the Board and provides an opportunity for an integrated and coordinated approach to regulation of the delivery of education services from early childhood to senior schooling. The Registrar will be supported by a new position of Director of Regulation of Schools and Early Childhood Services and a new position of Manager Regulation of Schools.
The appointment of Ms Chatburn is a consolidation of a period of renewal for the Education Standards Board, formerly known as the Education and Early Childhood Services Registration and Standards Board of South Australia, as it moves towards implementation of a more risk-based contemporary approach to the regulation and quality assurance of the provision of education services offered by schools, pre-schools, childcare centres, family day care services and residual services such as occasional care, in-home care and rural and mobile care services.
Ms Chatburn brings to the role extensive experience in the regulation of vocational education and training and higher education at both a state and national level and will lead change in the operation of the Board and its secretariat as the Board pursues its reform agenda. She will use her well-recognised skills in stakeholder engagement to work collaboratively with the diverse range of providers and stakeholders in the sector.
Ms Chatburn, who leaves her position as South Australian State Manager of the national vocational education and training agency, the Australian Skills Quality Authority, will commence in the role of Registrar of Education Standards Board on Monday 18 July 2016.
The Chair of the Education Standards Board, John Dawkins former Commonwealth Minister for Education, said ‘This appointment brings to the Board clear leadership and marks the start of implementing the recommendations of the review commissioned by Minister Susan Close and heralds what I hope will be an exciting time in the development of the Board’.
Hon John Dawkins AO
Presiding Member
20 June 2016